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תחיה ושרה אדריכלות

Tchiya Goodman Architects is Tchiya’s and Sara’s studio for architecture and interior design.

You are invited to come and visit our studio in Beit Shemesh, to get a feeling of our unique approach to interior design and architecture. We combine professionalism with a strong focus on your vision, priorities and ideas.


We can design and walk you through:

  • Commercial design: stores, offices and work spaces.

  • Residential design: Private homes, apartment extensions and divisions.



We see design as a joint process architect- client. With guiding questions and several plan options tailor made for you, we will create a smart design for your business or build your dream home!

We sat side by side at “Tafnit Construction Management.”  


Among the many projects Sara was part of design team of the Geological Survey of Israel building; a huge complex of unique labs, offices and class rooms. Tchiya managed and planned a country wide project of handicap accessibility.

There we gained our professional knowledge and experience. 
Our mutual respect and cooperation developed during those years.


Tchiya started the company; Sara joined later- we became a team!

Our passion lies in making a real difference for you:

We raise sales of businesses with our selling design method,
We solve householders stress of no-room-for-all-the-laundry...
We figure out creative ideas for adding rental units and so much more...

Call now, or just pop in to the studio for a cup of coffee. We will identify your personal needs and build a design package  customized for you.    Contact No