Commercial Design

The design of an office or store has to say its marketing theme without words.

In commercial design planning right- sells more!


We, Tchiya and Sara especially like projects of commercial design, we feel we can make a dramatic difference for businesses success.

On office that looks “a million dollars” can price itself accordingly.
When a potential client sees the door and feels invited and not intimidated- he will enter…
the branding and differentiation of the business has to be engraved in every customers head!

Planning work spaces is a specialty, by using the right colors and materials we can increase the creativity, initiate and optimism in the office.

We create balanced stimulus which enable concentration but yet encourage productive interactions among the works.

Another thing we see which happens in result of our work, when the office space is pleasant and cared for, the workers feel more committed and part of the business.

We don’t sell instead of you, but we design a space that allows the sales to happen.